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Your Hemp Derived CBD Source - From Seed to Harvest to You

Vitality Research Group works directly with High Cannabidiol Hemp Growers and HCHO Oil Processors Worldwide.

What is HCHO?

HCHO is simply a trade acronym for High CBD Hemp Oil, a phrase coined by Vitality Research Group Ltd and now commonly used by various resellers. This is a special high grade hemp food product naturally high in CBD. HCHO is a CBD Rich Hemp Oil is Federally Legal in all 50 States and Over 40 Countries.

HCHO is not made from Marijuana and does not require a Medical License for Purchase.

CBD Molicule 

Ball-and-stick model of the cannabidiol molecule. X-ray diffraction data from P. G. Jones, L. Falvello, O. Kennard, G. M. Sheldrick and R. Mechoulam (1977). "Cannabidiol". Acta Crystallographica Section B 33: 3211-3214.

Long before CBD was in the mainstream media Vitality Research Group Ltd was at the table helping to source high CBD hemp seeds to be grown in micro-climates worldwide specifically for CBD production. Now years later these crops represent one of the main sources for * legally grown CBD rich hemp and the oil produced from them.

This oil is used to make most of the CBD rich elixirs, capsules, and gums now being sold under a number of different brands.

* Beware of some domestic medical marijuana advocates selling hemp CBD oil extracted from locally grown cannabis/hemp flowers and leaves online. These oils are still illegal under federal law.  

100% Legal All Natural Industrial Hemp Derived CBD Rich Oil - It's the Good Stuff

 When you purchase your CBD products from Vitality you are assured the highest quality legal CBD available.


Raw and Decarboxylated. Unfiltered and Filtered

Derived from selectively grown industrial High CBD Hemp Oil (HCHO) producing hemp plants rich in Cannabidiol content. 

All of our HCHO and infused products contain natural CBD from the industrial hemp plants legally grown and imported into the US in accordance with US and International Law. All of our HCHO and infused products are legally available in all 50 states. Our HCHO Oil offerings represent the end result of seed to oil grow operations where maximum all-natural hemp derived CBD is the primary objective.

The oil and infused products we offer represent the freshest and highest quality hemp derived CBD offerings on the market today. All of our offerings tell you exactly how much CBD you are getting, and not just how much "CBD oil" may have been used to make it like many resellers and product manufacturers. If you are unsure about a CBD product being offered elsewhere, and how to go about determining the actual amount of CBD it may contain, please feel free to contact us.

Oil strength, pricing, and availability changes frequently. Please be sure to bookmark this page.

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2 oz CBD Solution - 35% / 500 mg CBD Flavored
2 oz CBD Solution - 35% / 500 mg CBD Flavored
Price: $129.95 
  8 oz CBD Solution - 35% / 2,000 mg CBD Unflavored
8 oz CBD Solution - 35% / 2,000 mg CBD Unflavored
Price: $420.00 

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02. 2 Oz Cbd Solution - 35% / 500 Mg Cbd Flavored
03. 30 Hcho Capsules 25mg Cbd Each
04. Hcho Filtered Oil - 3 G / 477 Mg Cbd
05. 2 Oz Cbd Solution - 35% / 500 Mg Cbd Unflavored
06. 4 Oz Cbd Solution - 35% / 1,000 Mg Cbd Flavored
07. Hemp Cbd Gum - 32 Count 10mg
08. 4 Oz Cbd Solution - 35% / 1,000 Mg Cbd Flavored
09. 8 Oz Cbd Solution - 35% / 2,000 Mg Cbd Unflavored
10. 8 Oz Cbd Solution - 35% / 2,000 Mg Cbd Flavored

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